Yep, if anyone who knew me actually read this and realized that I have basically given up the whole sides of beef that used to be known as steaks in my house and were often guzzled in single sitting “meatgasm” dinners, they might be astonished.

I was initially influenced to think about Plant Power and the impact of processed food when I read “Finding Ultra” by Rick Roll in 2012 while on deployment.  This became and still is one of my favorite books which I reread often, finding motivation in the struggle and the simplicity of the message.  Since then, I have started to collect Vegetarian and Vegan cookbooks and started to try to cook using some of these recipes.  Some I like, some I don’t but I know that by cutting out the majority of the red meat that me and my family eat, we’re working toward better.  We still eat some turkey and chicken, but even that is getting less and less and we’ve just completed an entire week with no meat.  But, we’re not actual vegan or vegetarian as we still use cheese and milk and butter, but just the pursuit of trying to eat a crapload more vegetables and food other than meat makes me feel like we’re at a starting point.

Right now, I’m reading “Meat is for Pussies” by John Joseph.  It’s pretty good and I like the no holds barred style that it’s told in, much like a couple of my cookbooks.  I like to think I can use vegetables to achieve the same goals I’ve set athletically and will be able to have the same or better stamina, something I’m trying a little at a time.


Here’s a small challenge I took that I’m passing to you:  Used to be before a training run or event I would gulp a GU or soft gel for the calories and quick pick me up,,,,but I tried used a natural substitute instead and LOVED it,,,,a couple of large Medjool Dates are awesome, full of carbs and natural sugars that hit your system quickly and easily, with no GI distress for me at all.  More to come- stay tuned-

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