Sailing Better Takes Practice

Yes, it does. This doesn’t always mean just cruising, sometimes it means learning by muscle memory and working on particular skills.

Equipment and Personal Milestones- A Very Long week!

This was a great big fun week.  Sometimes the milestones to accomplish the end goal are thrown at you all at once, like they were this past week. First, my wife retired after working for the same organization for 22 years.  She may decide to eventually go back to work, but we know we’re gonna […]

Still Hauled Out

Tulum’s on the hard, we’re working on multiple projects on her now-

Waterhorse and TRLMI

Good Morning Everyone, it’s been a crazy long week and more to come next week.  This whole week I’ve been working on the boat (of course) but I’ve also been going to night classes at Training Resources Limited Maritime Institute (TRLMI) for a Diesel Engine Maintenance Course.  YES, I’m still trying to improve my weak […]

Project Windlass For Dummies (like me)

Ever wanted to install your own Windlass but thought the project was beyond your skill level? It’s NOT. If I can do it, you can do it- This is a 5-part series detailing my trials and tribulations during my own Windlass install.