Yes, it does. This doesn't always mean just cruising, sometimes it means learning by muscle memory and working on particular skills.

Sailing faster and better doesn’t always mean just getting out and doing it (but that is ALOT of it)…I think it also means you’ve got to practice certain skills and start learning muscle memory as you go.  Every time we take Tulum out of the slip and get out sailing, we learn something new or figure out new stuff that needs fixing.  Yesterday was no exception.  Taking a couple of friends and Quincy with us, we got off the slip and went sailing.  Day sailing isn’t something I REALLY like to do, but we needed to get fuel for an upcoming adventure so we took Tulum out for a sail to stretch her legs.  This also allowed us to take a look at what work had been done recently and figure out what was going to break or need fixing…and Tulum didn’t disappoint.  We needed to tighten up the wind turbine on the stand, fix multiple cabinet doors that often come loose and clean up a broken fuse holder on the largest of the three electrical panels, meaning that would all wait until I had time to fix them today or tomorrow.  So no rest for the weary, I’m off to fix multiple things before starting the next large project.

But, we were able to coax the big girl into showing a bit of her stuff with a beam on wind coming back into San Diego Bay…with RBC deftly working the wheel to get Tulum up to 7.2 knots in just 11-13 knots of wind.  I was impressed and we all enjoyed the fast sailing on a heavy boat.  The point here is that no matter if we’re out for a few days of adventure or one day of sailing, we’re always working to improve our skills or fix the broken stuff on Tulum so we can make her better.

The ladies discuss something?
Pulling up the Main-
Quincy (with her lifejacket), sitting on the cockpit.

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