After my epic first meal failure in the Solar Oven,  I was determined to make the solar oven concept a success. 

With Tulum not having a working oven right now and coming off my total meal failure with dinner the night before (read that story here), I was totally determined to make a complete meal using the power of the solar oven.  I mean,,,I had bought the damn thing and I knew people had great success with it, so I knew I could too.  Fortunately, I was in a place (Candaleros Bay) where there was a strong cellular signal and I had kept the original booklet that came with my Solovare Solar Oven, so I found recipes that worked with the food we still had left onboard (we had not gone into Puerto Escondido yet).  Using the booklet, I found a recipe for Rosemary Potatoes that I had to slightly modify but I liked and using the Solovare Website I found a recipe for Barbeque Chicken that would work too.  I put all the ingredients that we had together…and started to cook much earlier in the day (1000) than I did last time.

I also added the mirrors right from the start to build up heat, but ended up just keep them on the entire day to make sure the meal cooked.  At 1100 I checked the chicken and noticed it not cooking. I had put whole, frozen chicken pieces in the pot and thought the heat would just defrost and cook the chicken.

MISTAKE.  Don’t do this.  Do what the website says and cut up the chicken into smaller chunks.  So I took the frozen chicken breasts back out and cut them up, putting them back in still frozen but at least cut up.  This seemed to do the trick.  When I took the meal back out of the oven at around 1630, it was cooked and done.


See the chicken…it’s in smaller chunks and cooked perfectly.  Once inside, I threw some barbeque sauce on the ckicken in the pan and served the meal.  Complete meal, cooked in the sun without propane on the solar oven….win.


Yep, we live on our cruising sailboat with family and Great Dane in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico while self-isolating from COVID.  We’d LOVE for you to follow our website and posts…and of course if you have questions about Solar Cooking or sailboat life we’ll do our best to answer any and all your questions.

Resources Used For Recipes and this story:

Solavore Sport User Guide

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