Getting ready for Tulum's Spa Week

There’s a haul out and spa week coming next week for Tulum V and I can’t wait.  She needs this TLC and maintenance prior to us leaving and this happens to be one of the milestones we need to check off prior to starting more serious shakedowns come spring and summer.  Here she is hauled out for survey:


Knowing I need to be organized and on the ball next week for lots of reasons, I worked out a haul-out work list of things I’d like to see get done to the boat and a list of things I think I need to get done on the boat.  With my wife traveling for the next two weeks, the dog in the kennel and me and the kids planning on living on the boat while she’s on the hard; organization (and beer) may be key to my sanity.   By me and the kids living on the boat, we estimate we’re saving $1436.00 dollars that we would have spent on an Airbnb or a hotel room with a mini-kitchen; we’ll put this saved money to good use.  Here’s what I’m hoping to get accomplished during this haul-out, hoping for four days only but we’ll see if we’ve got to extend that deadline to get all the work done:

  • Bottom (hull) properly cleaned and prepped by the boatyard and at least three coats of paint added to stressed areas and two coats added to most other areas.
  • Book Shelves installed in master berth and salon and shelving for storage installed in cabinet where the washer/dryer used to reside.
  • Have the Rudder dropped and inspected.  New seals and gaskets installed.  Figure out the reasons for minor water ingress up the rudder tube.
  • Propeller Shaft- either install a Dripless Seal (SureSeal Shaft Seal System) or confirm that the packing gland can be re-packed and proper tension can be maintained on the current shaft nuts.(yeah yeah,,,ha ha)
  • Take out the faucet in the forward cabin head and install a fresh water foot pump.  (so my girls can’t leave the water running and drip all the fresh water out of the boat).
  • Have the main bilge pumps safety checked and fix as needed.
  • Change the current gray water setup to a 3-way valve so it can run out of the boat vice into a large grey water tank.  Empty the tank and clean it.
  • Close and seal the extra through-hulls on the boat.  Unfreeze struck through hulls and handles.

So this isn’t a work list for me to do, this is a work list of things I’d like the boatyard to get done while I’m there.  I have a whole separate wordlist for projects I can work on, that I’ll work through in a separate post.  For now, my wife is going on a long work trip and we’re prepping for the boatyard next week.  We’re currently working on changing up the website to update it and freshen it up and we’re about to turn on our own YouTube Channel and Patreon account.  All content will always remain free and accessible, you just have to follow us to continue the adventures.

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      1. I really learned about conserving water on my sailing-trips. I remember once crossing the Bay of Biscay with just 180 Liters of fresh water for 6 people because that was all we could store after the boat’s water tank had broken.

      2. And it also trains you for life. I still can’t stand people just leaving the faucets running.

  1. While you are at it…. The Lehman raw water impeller is on the port side in the engine room. It is not all that easy to get to, especially in heavy seas in the Tropics. Don’t ask how I know this. There are some brass screws that hold the cover on. If you have to change the impeller you will have to get to that cover and remove the screws. Nasty job if you are in heavy seas. It is easy to drop one or more of the little screws down down down into the bilge. Problem. For want of a teeny screw…..

    What I did was pull one of the screws and go buy several backup screws. Also I bought a length of threaded stock that I could screw into the pump and then guide the cover into position without dropping the cover into the deep deep deep bilge. It really works good to have at least two of these guides in the pump and then simply slip on the cover and you are automatically aligned.

    You lose the raw water pump, you have no main engine.

    Obviously you want to start out with a new impeller and carry a couple of spares.

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