Hi Everyone:

It’s been since July for my blog, but creativity wanes sometimes,,,and it takes awhile sometimes to find things to write without just running my mouth.  Lots of things going on, not just because it’s a New Year, but because we’ve been working hard on the boat, getting it ready slowly for a longer cruise,,,,with a lot of hard lessons along the way.

We’re still in Southern California and had to skip the Ironman in October due to changes in work and lots of things going on.  That’s ok, cause we’ve been working on the boat, making her ours.

Sewing!!  Yep, after checking out prices to get any sunbrella or canvas made for me, I’ve been forced to admit I can’t afford it and will need to make it myself,,,so I bought my first sewing machine; an industrial Singer from Walmart.  I’ve had some lessons learned from this- 1. Buy GOOD thread, mine was crappy, 2. Buy and use a Walking Foot,,,,I’ve had to order one from Amazon and my project is on hold till it gets here, 3. (DUH) Measure twice, cut once,,,,I measured but can’t remember what I measured and had the fabric on the wrong way when I did, so it’s an interesting project.

Next, we’ll discuss Shiny Michelle and 7-8 foot swells on the beam!

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