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So, several times in the last couple months I’ve posted links and reviews of Mr. John Kretschmer’s books, cause I’ve read and re-read them several times.   Interestingly enough, a boat very much like his beloved Quetzel is available for sale in San Diego, an 82 Kaufman and Ladd 47″.   Interested in what Mr. Kretschmer thought of this boat for a cruising family, I reached out to him via email on his website at the end of  October, not expecting much of a reply.  I asked several specific questions and gave the information about where the Kaufman 47 could be found on the Yachtworld website and what he thought of the condition.  He’s so famous and such a well-known sailor that I sent the email and didn’t think another thing about it, since he probably had people who screened his email and such.  Well, what a pleasant surprise it was when I received an email back at work on December 23rd,,,,FROM HIM,,,,,saying he had just returned from passage, had looked over the boat online and thought the boat looked great for the price.   When I emailed him a thank you email, he came back immediately telling me he would check out our blog and wished me good luck with the boat.  Wow,,,,,am I impressed.

Thank you for reading and following our tiny blog that keeps growing and flourishing despite my poor writing attempts to sink it!! The blog has grown over 1000% this year and will continue to grow.  I’ve actually read a book with  blogging rules and mores and whether to break them or not and decided I don’t much care about that.  I post what I want to post,,,often breaking out of my niche of sailing,,,,but will always continue to write about travel, sailing and PTSD awareness.  This week, we’re off to tent camp in Santa Barbara (Ca),  and wine taste in Paso Robles.

Mostly, I want to take this time to wish you and your families a safe and warm holiday season, with solid anchoring and following seas.  I thank you once more for following and reading this site, it means a lot that you’re all with us.


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