The Westerly Adventures crew (the Coombes) published their last post in April; perhaps thinking of it as a bookend to their adventure.  The post is a bit sad as it tells the tale of their decision to give up the dream of buying another boat,,,,and return to England.  I’d like to put a bit more positive spin on this.  I don’t think it’s a bookend, and I hope that James Coombes reads this post and holds his head higher for keeping his family and marriage intact after living through most sailor’s nightmare scenario (loss of rudder in the middle of the Atlantic),,,,then trying to move on through it.  And I caution Mrs. Coombes not to be too sorry for the decision to return to England.  I think this might be a great decision for a family that very possibly has some sort of PTSD from their ordeal at sea and a return to normality may be just the thing the family needs.  A family reset in some cases is exactly what’s needed,,,,they may look outside at the gray and cold English weather and remember surfing on the beaches and diving in crystal clear water to want to go back,,,,,and suddenly it might become an adventure instead of a nightmare?   Or not, I don’t know.

What I do know is that their tale is pretty cool because the family has stayed together and the marriage remained intact.  The second my wife says she’s done,,,I’m following her off the boat and back into land.   I hope this last post from the Westerly Adventures Crew isn’t a bookend, but a beginning of something great for the family,,,,no matter what that might be.

Don’t forget that sometimes there’s actual ADVENTURE in Adventure Travel!

Source: Broken dreams

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