Ok, I’m challenging 1000 people to read this short post, then stay with us as we continue to grow this blog!

As you know, the San Diego Boat show last weekend was pretty awesome and we had a great time.  Then we came home and reality is upon us.  My wife has moved onto our boat three hours away for work purposes and me and the kids are staying put till I retire.  This is our choice and our boggle, but it still throws the family into some chaos every now and then,,,,especially with both me and my wife working full time jobs and keeping up with our 5 and 7 year olds,,,and a Great Dane.  I would’t have it any other way.  We knew the family would be thrown for a bit of a loop, so we’re prepped, now we just get to live through it all while trying to sell the boat and prep to bluewater cruise.

Short post but I’m going to keep it this way so I don’t blather on.  I’d love to have you take a look at our site and consider following us to keep up with the adventure as we prep for blue water cruising on a production sailboat.



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