Hot Wife says I may have some OCD tendencies and that the boat may be good for them,,,,,cause I’m constantly working on it or improving it if I can.  When we’re out sailing,,,there’s ALWAYs something to do on the sails, lines, rigging or course corrections.  So, it’s a win-win.  But inside,,,,there’s MORE to do and I love it.  This weekend, I’m down here to relax after a very long week of working on the house,,and I’m determined to repaint the bilge cause it’s a dirty white.  Last week our new mattresses finally came in,,,,and what a HUGE improvement.  The photos will tell the story, no new canvas or dodger yet, but it’s in the works:

Old Mattress in Girls Room- NO, that’s not pee, it’s water that came through a hatch by you’re truly and dried in that pattern.
New Mattress in Girls Room,,,,SO much better
Mattresses getting moved onto the dock
Old Setup, two separate smaller mattresses,,,that I had made with Walmart Foam three years ago
New Mattress, SOOO Much Better and worth every cent!

Our new mattresses were bought and made right here in San Diego by San Diego Boat Mattress.  I think this is one of the best boat purchases we’ve made, worth it already.  If you ever need a mattress, give Pablo Hernandez  a chance to show you a great mattress or talk to him by phone or email, it might save your relationship or your back.

(We have no financial interest in Mattress Makers), I just thought enough of my new mattress to make sure you know where to find your own!

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  1. I never feel weird insisting that everything on my boat be just so, its for the safety for the crew after all…
    Obsessive, maybe not but compulsive certainly describes me. Boats should be great for people with OCD. I am super jealous of your mattresses by the way.

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