A great spreadsheet tool for your boat- from Astrolabe Sailing

Hi, hope you’re all having a great weekend and a great Sunday.  If you’re like me or Hotwife, you sometimes forget all the things you need to remember when boating.  This includes the maintenance, prep, getting ready to go and then putting the boat to bed and all the other things that we do on boats.  Keeping reading…..

Doesn’t matter if you’re on a powerboat or a sailboat, Astrolabe Sailing has put together a great spreadsheet I wanted to share with you; but you’ve got to go check out her website and find the spreadsheet at the end of it.  Like Captain Chris Couch’s prep guide, this one is very, very thorough and I could tell that someone really put some time into putting it together.  I grabbed it up and downloaded it myself to take a look and was kind of blown away by it.  Go to the link, check out the story, grab and download the spreadsheet for free.  If you want something in a book format, google Captain Chris Couch and look at his boat prep guide or see the link I’ve included below.

via The Ultimate Boating Spreadsheet



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  1. Thanks for reposting!
    I’m hoping to finish off a couple of the worksheets that are not 100% finished soon. Hope you find it useful! 🙂

    1. Viki, I loved it. I grabbed it and downloaded it to take a look and I think it’s one of the most complete I’ve seen. We’re totally going to use it, when we have another boat,,,,soon

      1. Fab! So pleased you will find it useful. Come back in a couple of weeks time and I will hopefully have added a few more things to it! 🙂

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