Trying to continue the fight on fat!

I know I’m not going back to Crossfit as it involves lots of arms and heavy lifting, but my elbow can’t take it…and I’m not gonna take the risk of messing things up even more by trying to be a big stud.  My body tells me what I can and can’t do.  I know I can still run, so I’ve started to ease back into some running.  I’m starting light and slow, I’m always slow.  I have no desire to gain more weight, so I’m going to find ways to continue to exercise.  Monday and Wednesday of this week I hit the treadmill.  It works, but there’s no place for my phone and it dropped several times as I was running.  Pretty funny to see my phone bouncing along on the treadmill with the earbuds ripping out of my ears and the phone getting spit off the end of the treadmill.  Got to find a better way to listen to my music….as I’m not sure the rest of the Marina wants to hear my stuff at high volume.  I’m gonna continue to run at least three days a week when possible.

Even if you’re injured, I think there’s always some way to find to exercise (even at a minimum level).  I’m going to be the living example of this theory as I continue the fight on fat!

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