The voice of one boat kid. She lives on a boat as we prep to leave for extended cruising.

Hey, guys! I’m back! So today I’m going to talk about our trip to Glorieta bay! It was an easy trip getting there. We were right next to the beach, which was awesome! We had a nice steak for dinner, then were rocked to sleep by the waves. In the morning, bright and early, we went to the beach to let Quincy, our dog, use the bathroom. But just as we were pulling into shore, our dad lost his grip on the leash, and let’s just say that Quincy went for an unexpected walk in this really expensive golf course. She scared a few golfers, peed on the golf course, you know, the usual. When we finally got her back, we went back to the boat. Dad was furious. I lounged in the sun all day, and even fell asleep a few times. we went back to the beach again, and even found a few golf balls. The best part though, was this giant carcass of a rug shark! Anyway, this story, IS TO BE CONTINUED……

Quincy anchored TO THE BEACH with Tulum V anchored in the background.
Tulum, after getting Ice Cream on the island.



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