First, Happy Mothers Day to all Mom’s.  My mom has cruised on two different sailboats and spent 18 years circumnavigating.  My wife lives has lived on a sailboat now for over two years and rarely complains.  And she’s game to go cruising, as we’ve just committed to Baja Ha-Ha XXVI.   


Here’s Weekly Wisdom and Thoughts from a Great Dane who lives on a Sailboat, read on:

Great Dane thinking:  “So he’s really gone and done it. He signed up for this Baja thing and they want to take my floating doghouse somewhere.  I’m wondering if he’s thought about the fact that I might get seasick or run out of food and I hate my lifejacket?  Where am I gonna go potty?  They have new shiny special toilets…but what am I going to do?  He might be upset if I do my business on the decks….I hope he’s thought about some of this, cause I’m waaaay too small to hold everything that comes out of me.  

Do you know he sometimes has special torture for me?  He has kicked me out of my own doghouse for days in a row and then made me stand and look at it?  I really wanted to go back in my doghouse, expect it smelled kind of funny.  Ok, back to point here- the feeder is really excited over this sailing thing…but I’m not.  I grow tired of his non-stop jabbering about this Baja thing.  If I sleep, I don’t have to listen to him anymore,,,so I’m gonna sleep now”.

The morning after the second coat of Epoxy Clearcoat in the cockpit, Quincy CANNOT figure out why she can’t get back in her doghouse.

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