Quincy has decided to issue this challenge to all of you: 1-Bag Per Beach Challenge
Quincy Dane on a special beach…at Mag Bay, BC Mexico. Even better because there was little surf and the beach was literally covered in sand dollars.

Quincy the Boat Dog has been on many different beautiful beaches in the last couple years and loves to play in the sand and the water.  She’s a sucker for a long stretch of beach where she can do a couple of sprints…then be done with her beach day and go back to her favorite nest on the boat for a nap.  However…since we’ve been out on the boat cruising for the last couple months, she’s noticed a few things she wants to share with all of you:

Quincy dispenses her wisdom: “I love walking and running on beaches, but I’ve noticed there’s plastic on every beach we’ve been to.  Yep…there’s plastic on EVERY beach we’ve been to in the last four months and it’s kind of disgusting.  You know where all this plastic is coming from….right?  It’s coming from the ocean….our oceans…meaning we put it there in the first place.  Neither me or my feeders are hardcore environmentalists, but there’s a clear trend on every beach I go to; plastic on every beach, no matter how remote.  Think through what I’m saying here….plastic on every beach…but no human habitation, fishing villages or eco-resorts.  Just plastic..on the beach and in the ocean.  I won’t have beaches to run on if they continue to be covered in plastic. 

As I continued to think through this in my tiny doggy mind…I decided that we could do a tiny something as a family, just us helping the beaches.  So we’re going to do something called the 1-Bag Per Beach challenge.  This is a simple and straightforward challenge….pick up one bag of plastic on every beach we go to as a family.  This doesn’t mean we need to pick up a whole huge black leaf bag worth of plastic every time…we just need to fill a bag with plastic and make sure it gets to a legit trash collection site.  This is the genesis of the 1-Bag Per Beach challenge…invented by my tiny little doggy mind.  What say you…will you participate?”   

Quincy the Boat Dog is a 130-pound Great Dane who lives on a cruising sailboat and has a lot of time to think through solutions to complex problems.  We (her feeders) don’t always have time for things like this..thus we missed Kids Corner on Friday and I missed my longer post yesterday.  But I wasn’t ignoring the blog at all.  Yesterday I was able to sit down for a quick interview with a couple of cruisers and will be working on publishing both in-person interviews I’ve done as soon as I have time.  In the meantime…you’ll have a Weds post from the HelmsMistress and a Kids Corner on Friday.  We’re taking off to start moving again (back to La Paz slowly) next week so WiFi will be more spotty, but we’ll do the best we can.  And portions of the website pages will be updated with more current information in the next few days so we can keep the site up to date and relevant as we go along.  Wanna help us with our 1-Bag Per Beach challenge- follow our site and/or consider sponsoring us via our Patreon site.  












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