God, I love gin-clear water under my keel.

We’re out self-isolating and seeking adventure, while looking for gin-clear water under our keel.  I really, really love to see the bottom and trace my chain as far as I can see.  But on this special day…(at Isla Isabela)  there was little wind and Tulum was literally sitting over her anchor and chain.  Simply SPECTACULAR! Have a Great Day….we’ll be back when we find some cold beer and strong WiFi.  Check out our Patreon Site to help buy us that beer.

Because of the rocks, we deployed an anchor buoy over our anchor…but it was totally not needed cause we found a great sandy patch to heave the anchor into.
Tulum’s bow is sitting over a circle of chain but the shiny thing in the center is a reflection..not the anchor. It’s dug in up in the right hand corner of the pic.

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