Quincy doesn't want us or you to get burned when you start going outside again...so she wants you to use good sunscreen to protect yourself.

Most of you don’t realize what an effect several months indoors will have on your skin and your ability to endure sunlight…after prolonged lockdown.  Quincy wants to discuss this…as she’s concerned about your fragile skin:

From the Paws of Quincy Dane:

“Me and my dog friends have something over our skin that most of you should not have,,,,fur.  The fur over our skin is important to us because we can’t wear sunscreen, so it protects us from some or most of the suns harmful rays, and when we get too hot we know that we should be in the shade; mostly by instinct.  Humans are not this way:  you don’t have fur (well….some of you do), you’re not all smart enough to get in the shade and cool off when there’s too much sun and you don’t always cover yourself to protect from the sun’s harmful rays.  That’s the point of my post today…I’m concerned over your sun exposure after a tedious stay inside and sheltering in place some of winter and spring….your skin isn’t going to be used to much sun and your brain’s are going to scream at you to get in the sun.  In small doses this is ok.  But most folks don’t just get small doses of sun…you go out to the beach, soak it all up and go home with a nasty sunburn.  Continued exposure will eventually get you sick…then you can’t feed me and my dog friends and we’ll be homeless.  All of this worries my tiny doggy brain.  So I’m using this post to do something about it and make sure you know that using some reef safe sunscreen that’s 30 SPF or higher will help….and it smells good too.  My “feeders” want you to know about Raw Elements.  The sunscreen is awesome and I love to lick it off when they’re not looking…then they have to put some more back on and they yell at me not to lick it back off.  And it smells good…did I say that?  Wanna try some Raw Elements?  Go to their site and order some using the discount code: SailFast  and get a discount when you do…or order some from Amazon.com.

But honestly…this isn’t just a shameless pitch using me (Quincy Dane) to get you to buy a ton of sunscreen…this is a plea for everyone out there to remember their sun exposure and use some kind of decent sunscreen to make sure you don’t burn. Ok….Paws Out….I gotta sleep”.

Quincy Dane is a 6-year old Great Dane who lives on our cruising sailboat along with us…currently off the grid (mostly) in the Sea of Cortez.  We’re isolating here through the summer hoping COVID goes away and things get back to normal…so we can continue cruising to Central America in 2021.  We love cruising with our family and hope you’ll FOLLOW our tiny website, as we love our followers.  Use the discount code mentioned above to buy some great sunscreen and if you wanna buy Quincy Dane a treat or buy us a cold beer, here’s our Patreon Link.




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