Hello, ya’ll! When you are reading this, we will probably be off WI-FI, so this is technically just a recording (yay! J)! Oh, I have some emojis to add to the gallery! :3 (puppy eyes, a fav among my fam.), :7 (slightly nervous, or someone deciding something), :> (overly excited, but trying not to show it), K (unmoved, put : and | together), :U (duck. QUAK QUAK.), :C (really sad. Do not mess with this guy.), :L (mid-mouthful X”D). So, yah, that was it for our additions to our emoji gallery for today. So, [just because I’m bored] let’s talk movies! [WARNING: those that do not like spoilers, please turn off computer/phone/I-pad/ WHATEVER YOU ARE READING ON] So, have you guys seen Frozen 2? We’re gonna watch it again because we at least think its kinda cool (we as in me & my fam.). It basically shows Elsa and Anna, venturing out into the wild, to discover this voice that Elsa keeps hearing. It eventually shows how and where and why their parents died (dad says it was because they were going to Ariel’s wedding, but I can’t vouch for that). They died because they were trying to find out why Elsa had her powers. But then, the storm came… (que DUN DUN DUUUUN!). Elsa and Anna (or rather just Elsa because she doesn’t want Anna getting hurt) eventually find out how and why Elsa has her powers… Why? You will have to find out yourself! TEAGANUPANDOUT!!!!!!!!

Kids Corner is a Friday blog post written entirely by two kids who live on a cruising sailboat currently in the Sea of Cortez.  We’re here in the Sea of Cortez on purpose, as even before COVID we planned on a season in the Sea to hide from hurricanes and experience Baja for ourselves.  Now we’re hiding from COVID and hurricanes but life is still awesome in some way every day.  Wanna support this website and our writing?  FOLLOW US. 

FYI:  If you’re still reading….here’s a secret reveal: Starting next Friday for the next 4 weeks….Teagan is publishing the first of her series of SKY, Children of the Light YouTube Series on the secrets of the game!!!! 

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