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Yaar, this most auspicious and fun international holiday is upon us once again and it sort of snuck up on me this year…but not the HelmsMistress, she’s ready and remembered it for me.  Wow, I’m so stoked to actually be out on a cruising sailboat for this holiday, which we plan on celebrating in fine style.  We’ll roast some meat to harken back to the days when bored pirates and islanders made buccan (dried meat)- this is where the term Buccaneer came from and raise a glass of our favorite something to toast the international holiday in style just like the pirates of old.  Since I’ve been hanging out with my wife, we’ve celebrated this holiday many times….in various places around the world and the US.  We’re looking forward to celebrating this holiday today by telling waaay too many poopdeck jokes and having some lively Captain/Wench discussions.

So from the Tulum/LF2SF Crew, happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day.  Yaar!

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