Perfect post for those of you who love Wings of Fire, Roblox...and the Company is about to IPO in the real world!

Wasuuuup? Hello, everyone! Today, I have a big news scoop for ya’ from Wings of Fire Roblox: all of the major/non-major updates coming soon! So, get readin’! (WARNING: by the time this post comes to you, some of this may have changed, or already come out/happened. Also, much of this is subject to change; all of this info can be verified at the wings of fire fandom channel.)

Dragon Development____________________________________________________________

The dragons in development are looking great, and most are almost finished, save the Hivewing (which only has a head).

So far, the Mudwing re-design is going well. There’s the full body, with a head, legs, a tail and wings finished; the Mudwing should be out soon!

The Leafwing development is going well, too. Almost everything is finished, save for a few de-tails (ha-ha!). The Leafwing should be coming out around the same time as the Mudwing.

The Hivewing, so far, only has a head, it looks like. However, this is great progress, and looks much like it does in the books.


There are only a couple of maps from the original books underway and being made, but Korvair and Archonia (the creators of WoF Roblox) are working on more. Supposedly, if you want to teleport/go to another map, just fly to the edge of a kingdom and it will say “Teleport to __ kingdom”. The Sky Kingdom was the first map out, and supposedly, the second map out will be the Scorpion Den, then The Night Kingdom, MAYBE.

Jade Mountain is already formed, and the pictures from development look great. So far, all there is to see is the two peaks, pristine and beautiful. Supposedly, Jade Mountain will be where you can choose your winglet, and do school RPs.

The Scorpion Den, apparently, is underway before almost all of the other maps and kingdoms. We have a lot of info on the new Scorpion Den: Supposedly, there will be sandstorms, occasionally, coming and going like the thunderstorms in the Sky Kingdom, and making it very hard to see. We’re not sure whether or not the Scorpion Den and the Sandwing Stronghold will be in the same map, although if there is going to be a Sandwing Stronghold added, Queen Thorn will probably be the residing queen. Fun fact: when Archonia asked Korvair how big she wanted the Scorpion Den to be, Korvair said, “As big as New York City”, and apparently, Archonia is working on that at this very moment!

So far, the Night Kingdom may be the third map added. On the WoF Roblox Fandom, there are no photos, development or other, but there is a very creepy soundtrack already out for you to listen to, if you want to. It is unknown whether or not the island Night Kingdom or the old Night Kingdom on the peninsula (or perhaps both) will be added.


Scavengers were in the game, temporarily, but they were taken out, as they were lacking in development design, fashion sense and hair.

Scavengers (A.K.A humans) will be added after all of the dragon tribes are in-game. They, unlike dragons, willhave sexual dimorphism. When they come back in the game, they will have tools (i.e.; spears, swords, hoes, pickaxes), and will probably still be able to ride dragons in-game.

Planned Features_______________________________________________________________

|Three Moons| Might also have separate moon cycles.

|Ages| Egg: Eggs will be unique for every tribe, and have their own patterns, as well. There hasn’t been much mention on them, but it has been confirmed that they will be able to move, but very slowly. Supposedly, Korvair and Archonia are talking about not letting the eggs chat. Hatchling: Hatchlings have their own models, and will look like adults but way smaller, and with smoother, rounder features. Dragonet: Dragonets will just be smaller versions of adults, nothing more. Adult: Adults are the standard dragon, and the only age currently out. Mythical age: This is where you are quite large, much larger than other dragons, more like Darkstalker. Unfortunately, it is only accessible to Admins and developers.

|New Maps| the Sky Kingdom is the first kingdom out, and the Scorpion Den will, supposedly, be second, with the Kingdom of Night coming in third, although no development has started for the Night Kingdom.

|Black for Rainwings| Black was taken out of the game because many Rainwings had darker colors, thus defeating the “Bright and colorful” vibe for the Rainwings, so Korvair and Archonia took it out. They are now planning on putting it back in, although there probably will still be a couple of Emo and darker colored role-players.

|Red Egg ability for Mudwings|

Considered updates_____________________________________________________________

|Blue eyes for Skywings| maybe later in the game, but not for now.

Thanks for reading, peeps! This was just a quick summary of the Wings of Fire Roblox Fandom, so for more info, literally just google Wings of Fire Roblox Fandom, and you should see the link. Also, try out the game on Roblox! It’s one of my favorite games, and although it’s made for role-playing, even if you’re not a role-player, I suggest checking it out. If you’re a fan of the Wings of Fire book series, or just like Dragons in general, you’ll love flying around, getting your own den, and discovering the original landmarks from the books. Thx again for reading, TEAGANUPANDOUT!!!

Yep, another great post by a kid who knows stuff about Roblox,,,,just perfect for those of you who farctate on this game.  Even better is the news that ROBLOX is going to an Initial Public Offering (IPO) with an initial plan to sell at least $1 billion in shares in the real world.  With the company going public, they’ll already have figured out more steady revenue sources.

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