Here's to the Big Green Egg and it's ability to make the BEST Pizza's- read along for my 2nd attempt at pizza greatness on the BGE.

Since I worked as a pizza chef early on in life, I love the opportunity to make pizza’s in the Big Green Egg for my girls.  These times allow me to teach them the basics and allow them to go off and try things on their own…learning and discovering their own talent as cooks and pizza makers.  Pizza making in the La Cruz anchorage was no exception, so we fired up the Big Green Egg and I let the girls go to work making their own pizza’s.

The HelmMistress cuts up ingredients for Hawaiian Pizza.


The pizza lab (aka the salon table) where the pizza masterpieces are created.  The girls grated their own cheese. 


Final step to pizza greatness….Big Green Egg. Seriously, there’s no better taste than a pizza made in an oven that uses real hard wood charcoal.

This second attempt at pizza in the Big Green Egg went really well and I’m glad we continue to perfect our pizza techniques…always with the challenges such as wind and swell and lack of exactly correct ingredients.  But we tend to love those challenges and make great dinners anyways, always looking for healthy options that keep the crew happy.  

If you have time, take a read of my first attempt at pizza in the Green Egg (on the sailboat), right on this link: Pizza in Paradise from August of 2020.  Have a great day. 

And, if you’re in Mexico and still reading this, have a great holiday today….Benito Juarez’s Birthday. 

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