The HelmsMistress took a break from writing today as we wait for Enrique to fully pass over us.

Nothing from the HelmsMistress today as we’ve been waiting out Enrique patiently.

Both the HelmsMistress and I have been tackling multiple boat and homeschooling projects getting us ready for the next couple months with eye toward late October.  We’ll stick close to reliable hurricane holes for summer then in the fall we’ll start getting further and further away as we start our trek south, heading to Costa Rica and Panama.  Baja (the Sea of Cortez) in summer is hot but uncrowded and we look forward to cruising Baja slowly, before we head south.

More posts in the coming week, can’t wait to get back on the hook to tackle more boat projects and start writing steadily again.

This post was not written by the HelmsMistress. 

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