Quincy the Great Dane isn’t always happy with longer passages…so we’re trying to ease into them again.  We just knocked out a 3 day passage that was a longer for us since we prefer to coastal hop….but Quincy did really well and we’re trying to benchmark that success so we can recreate it on some of the longer upcoming passages.

Quincy finally down and resting comfortably after moving round the cockpit every 30 minutes or so on my night watch.

On these longer multi-night passages, Quincy usually doesn’t do great that first night but settles into the routine on the second day and by the second night, she’s usually better and better.  We work hard to make her comfortable on longer passages even if that means I’m having to move seats about every 20 minutes during the four hours of my night watch.  This isn’t as bad as it sounds and it allows Quincy to stretch and walk off her joint stiffness as she gets around the enclosed cockpit at night.

On this passage, it was pretty chill so she’s outside the cockpit sleeping. Notice we have our jacklines rigged (2nd day) and she’s actually sleeping on top of the jib sheet.

We’re here and on wifi so you will be hearing more from us as we wait on a great weather window to prep to check out of Mexico and get into Central America.

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