Ummm,,,,boat cat AND a Great Dane. It's gonna get interesting.

From the mind of Quincy Dane:

I gotta vent.

First my owners leave me in prison (a wonderful, roomy kennel at the vet) for what seems like months (5 days) with nothing to do (ahem, instead of barking at people passing you on the dock you had lovely walks in the park…I have photographic evidence).

Quincy making herself right at home in the lobby at the vet.

Then, after one restful night on MY boat with MY family, this little furball shows up in my salon.  The intruder just mysteriously appeared one afternoon!

I don’t know who she thinks she is, but she is in MY domain.  I let her know who’s boss by drinking out of her water bowl (that took about 3 slurps).  I also can make her hiss if I get close enough to her face – that really pisses her off…heh heh.  She even had the nerve to slap me across the face, can you believe that?  I see the sly way she looks at me and trust me – I’m watching her too.

At any rate, if you don’t hear from me for a while, you’ll know it’s because I’m busy keeping a very close eye on this little intruder.  I’ll admit, I’m very curious and she is kinda fun to watch as she tries to explore the boat in her cone of shame…I remember those days.  I am also noticing that I’m suddenly getting a lot more treats and pets, so perhaps I’ll just milk it while I can.  Wish me luck as I continue to reign over my kingdom and show this little intruder her place.  I wonder if she swims….

  • Quincy, La Reina de Tulum

So there I was minding my own business on the streets of Crucecitas.  I may be small, but I’m a fierce street kitty.  The next thing I know, I’m drugged and waking up with this ridiculous cone around my neck (it barely stays on anyway), sutures in my belly, and I’m in some totally new digs!  To top things off, there’s this huge dragon creature that just stares at me and whines whenever I mew or cuddle up next to my new feeders.  I’ve let her know in no uncertain terms that I can defend myself despite my size.  I’m getting some great meals and getting carried around a lot – something about size differential…whatever.  Can’t you just let me explore?  All I wanna do is play and can I please clean my belly wound?  PULLLLEEEEAASSE!!!  No worries, I’ve got my owners wrapped around my little tail.  I wonder what’s outside….

SO….STRESSED….OUT….(Yes, that is a giant squash right behind kitty’s head).
  • Oreo, Street kitty turned Sailor

We folded.  After much consideration and begging from the girls, the no’s turned to a yes and we adopted a kitty from the vet.  She had just been found just that morning and weighs in at a whole kilogram.  The girls named her Oreo and despite the above banter, with supervised visits, things are pretty chill on board our floating animal kingdom.  Don’t worry, Quincy still retains her queen status and is getting spoiled through it all.  She’ll be hard-pressed to share future blog posts with “the little intruder”.  I wonder how Oreo will enjoy crossing the Tehuantepec…

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