Quincy and Kellyn look at the channel we transited the previous morning

I often wonder what it must be like for Quincy to spend time at sea chasing dolphins and sea turtles, only to land in yet another new port with all new sights and smells…not to mention critters.  Now in Mexico’s southern most state of Chiapas, the landscape has once again changed.  She has so much grass and lush jungle to wander through!  This is a far cry from the barren lands of Baja where we previously spent so much time encountering cows and burros on our a.m. adventures.  Morning walks now include a visit to the on-site tortugario (well….more of a pass by from a distance – just enough to intrigue her) and wandering along the winding channel that we entered on arrival to the marina.  For her it must be a sensorial overload with each arrival at a new location.  She needs to have time to explore her new territory and take it all in.

Teagan’s photo of the turtle rescue habitat at Marina Chiapas

In addition, we have compounded the constant barrage of new territories with now learning to tolerate, I mean cohabitate with, “the kitty who shall not be named”, no wonder she’s in a constant heightened state of awareness!  What can I say?  We like to keep our crew members on their toes and embrace a growth mindset onboard.  The 4-legged creatures are no exception.  Like the rest of the family, we just remind them, “We’re building resiliency, smile!”  Off to new locations!

Really guys?

Quincy and Kitty recently were “released” from a week off the boat in luxury kennel accommodations so we could do some inland travel right before we leave Mexico.  They’re pretty damn happy to be back on their boat and settled in again nicely.  LF2SF doesn’t mind the chaos that comes with our furry family members and will continue to cruise slowly and purposefully.  Next stop…El Salvador…if the bar allows us to cross safely-

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