A bit more info on Bahia Falsa, right outside of La Paz.
Photo Credit and thanks to Online Cruising Guide for this image.

On this particular morning, we left La Paz enroute to Isla San Francisco after getting some repairs done, heading into the Sea of Cortez for the spring and summer season of 2021.  But less than an hour out of La Paz, we started hearing and sensing funny things from the engine.  Knowing we had just gotten some tuning done on the engine and the mechanic would come out to Bahia Falsa if we needed it, we turned around and headed (back) to Bahia Falsa.

Since the commercial harbor at Bahia Pichilingue is right next door, you do have to watch for ships entering and exiting, but aside from that you can go straight into this small bay, watching depth carefully.  We anchored in about 20 feet of water right in the middle of the bay and spent the afternoon getting some work done by the mechanic.  The next day, we were up and running and took off for Isla San Francisco.  We did have some wind come into the bay from the southwest but it wasn’t much.

Here’s more info: 

Ease of anchoring:  Bahia Falsa doesn’t have an anchoring shelf.  We anchoreed in about 20 feet of water over sand and we had good holding.

Noise at anchor:  Not much, but the anchorage is close to the main road, so there could be noise from traffic.

Provisioning:  It’s possible to hail a taxi on the main road from this anchorage.

Cellular reception at anchor: Sporadic, I think we were able to get some spotty cell reception.

Wifi in the anchorage:  None.

Water Clarity:  Not clear water.

Protection:  Protection from the North, South and East.  Less protection from the Southwest- both wind and swells.

Bugs:  None

The info in this post can be viewed as a rather simplistic description and review of Bahia Falsa, but it’s meant to be.  While our posts are not meant to be just our own memories of every place we’ve been, they are also NOT for navigational purposes, but rather meant to give you a general description.  We also hope to provide bits of information that you might not find in a cruising guide, from our point of view.  We’ve recently cruised and stayed in the areas we write about, so we want to get current information documented while it’s still clear in our tiny minds.  We live on our sailboat full time as we travel slowly south, documenting our travel and cruising with kids on this website as a resource for you!  Have a great Monday-

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