We find wonderful people in places we go who take such great care of our Quincy Dane. It's very comforting to us to have her well cared for, allowing us to travel and see places off the boat in the countries we visit.

Traveling with a Great Dane onboard is wonderful – we’d have it no other way – however if we want to get out and explore our surroundings without her, it requires some planning.  Over the past 2 ½ years, we’ve been fortunate to find good pet sitters or vets who will also kennel when we’ve needed to do so to do some traveling either within the country or back to the states.  Here in Quepos, we were very pleased to find Eddie of Conexion Canina.cr, referred by Marina Pez Vela who provides dog sitting out of his home and transportation to and from the marina.  You can imagine with a dog her size, the transportation piece is really important.  So while we played tourist, she was able to be in a home with other dogs, go on long walks, and just hang out with her pack.  We’re happy to have her back as I love our morning walks which have now shifted to 0500, first light out here.  The iguanas are not out quite that early, but she has discovered the large amounts of crabs on the jetty surrounding the marina which is oh so exciting!

Quincy looking AT crabs. What other dog does this stuff?

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