Having an elderly GIANT breed dog and a growing kitty onboard isn't something we learn about from a book or the internet, it must be experienced to be believed.
Traffic jam onboard

“Ever since the cat came around, our boat has been a  circus.  The cat has made my home into a zoo, a real  circus.  She eats my food so I get jealous and go downstairs, eat her food then immediately return to my kingdom on deck.  Can you imagine a cat eating a GIANT breed’s dog food….like it was hers?  Then…when I try to get into my own cockpit and the cat is there on MY cushions….she sits and hisses at me till one of the feeders comes over to snatch her away.  But I’m a survivor, a dog who has lived in the hottest desert and now lives on a cruising sailboat….with a kitty.  I live in a  circus, a real zoo in which one of my feeders continues to threaten to replace me with a parrot, but hasn’t cause I’m really the heart and soul of this boat.  Now I just have to figure out this cat thing?  Wanna help….send kibble.”

Kitty and Great Dane are learning to adapt to life together.  In lots of ways, I think the kitty has been great for Quincy and the kids as a whole, as the family learns to cope together.  Here in southern Costa Rica, we’ve been in one place for another week as I tackle projects large and small.  One of these critical projects was loss of voltage from the start battery to the engine…a fun project we finally tackled and will bring to you tomorrow-

Have a great Sunday.  Hopefully we’ll be in Panama by next Sunday.

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  1. Hard to think of you as Elderly my big friend! But you show Kitty the ropes. Make her a good sailor!!

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