Time to come home....Quincy
Wait, I live on a boat?

After spending over a month at VIP Vacation Kennels https://www.vipvacationkennels.com/en_US/  just outside Panama City, it’s finally time for Quincy to come back home.  We knew she’d need a place to stay while we transited the canal and hauled the boat out for work, we just didn’t know it would end up being for this long.  From her pictures, it seems she’s found the doggie club med, getting plenty of exercise and socialization.  Now, she’ll be returning to a whole new ocean with all new sights and smells.  We’re not sure she’ll remember us or her humble abode, but it’s been quite long enough and time to bring her home.

What do you mean I’ll have to forgo my daily pool time?
Don’t worry, I’ve had boat security while you’ve been gone sis!


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