For the first time in my life, I was given the chance to cook great steaks on the BGE with authentic, homemade chimichurri sauce. I could not pass up this opportunity and neither should you.

If you ever get the chance to cook or grill with authentic, homemade chimichurri sauce from an age old family recipe direct from Uruguay….do it.  A grill enthusiast with a Big Green Egg available should not pass up such a wonderful opportunity.  So when Mr. Eddy and his wife had time to make jars of authentic Chimichurri from his Grandmothers secret recipe, we didn’t pass up the opportunity to buy a jar and try it.  The heavenly taste of this recipe should not be missed and we knew we had to try another jar.

The second jar was just as wonderful as the first jar, but with this one we wanted to try chimichurri for marinade and a direct cook with great steaks.  The HelmsMistress found decent steaks at the local Rey and we threw some of the chimichurri on the steaks in advance for marinade and I prepped the Big Green Egg for a direct, restaurant style cook…meaning I would be using high heat for a sear and a very short cooking time.

But first, I simply threw salt and pepper on the steaks and let them have some time while defrosting with some of the chimichurri over the top of them.  Then when the heat on the Big Green Egg was up to 500 degrees, I threw the defrosted steaks on the grill for searing and fairly quick cook time.  I waited to use the additional chimichurri sauce until the meat came OFF the grill, as the sauce would have simply cooked off if left on the steaks on the grill.  Here’s my pics:

Prepping the steaks, simply added salt and pepper and a splash of the chimichurri as they defrosted.
Taking the Big Green Egg to a high temperature like 500 degrees is essential for a restaurant style sear and fairly quick cooking time, but you have to be present and turning the meat every minute or so to find the perfect cook temperature and moment the steaks are perfectly done.
The minute after I threw the steaks on the grill. I let them sit in this flame for 2 minutes to get the sear marks, then close up the lid. After this, I turn the meat every minute to make sure they’re not burning.
Glamour shot of the cooked steaks with the chimichurri over the steaks.
How things really look in the galley- a great glass of South American red compliments this meal nicely. We added baked potatoes from the BGE and had a great meal.

LF2SF is written, edited and photographed from a cruising sailboat currently in Panama.  We love cooking on the Big Green Egg and the family meals we get out of cooking on the boat.  Where will we go next and where will we end up?  We’re not sure but we continue to look forward to our adventures.  Stick with us, our family travel and adventure continues.   

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