Between me and my wife, we’ve completed ten 1/2 Ironman Events and I’ve signed up and not completed two full Ironman Events.  So, to continue that tradition I’ve signed up for another Ironman, Ironman Cabo in Sept 2015 and Michelle has signed up for 1/2 Ironman Cabo on the same day.  Pretty cool event, as the Full and 1/2 Ironman go the same day, on the same course, first time I’ve ever seen this.  Well, this far away is probably a good thing as I’m more of a dud than a stud but I know I can work up to it.  I’ve had three different Ironman Coaches and being the “C” student, couldn’t keep working with them for one reason or the other,,,,usually a long business trip thrown in the middle of my training that I could not get out of.

So, long slow base training has begun this pre-christmas season and will continue.  I’m in the game.

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