Yep, you can buy a Mistress for Christmas if you want.  I’m talking about a boat,,,,of course.   I hope no one gets offended (especially my wife) when I talk about a boat as a bit of a Mistress (I have NO experience with this).

Tulum (our sailboat) is still for sale and is featured on the Yachtfinders/Windseakers Website, on the YachtWorld Website and will soon be featured in print and on the website of the large military newspaper in San Diego, the Armed Forces Dispatch Newspaper.  You may wonder why we would bother to put the boat in an old-fashioned print ad newspaper (and on its website) in San Diego,,,,when she’s already featured in the largest boat website in the world, YachtWorld?   Well, there’s actually places in the world where you don’t always get internet but you always get the Armed Forces Dispatch Newspaper,,,,,like Navy ships at sea or while you’re at work on bases across San Diego (there’s a large Navy presence).   We also put the boat on the popular Sailboat and Cruising Website and Blog titled:, one of my favorite sites just for the sheer amount of info on the site and the fact that the owner actually emails me back personally, helping to unscrew my ad about Tulum being for sale.

So,,,,yes, this is shameless plug for my boat for sale,,,,,but I’m chafing at not being able to get on a boat and go sailing,,,,,as we’re keeping her clean and getting project after project knocked out.  It’s fun to keep checking things off the list that the surveyor mentioned,,,,and I get the total satisfaction of getting some of those projects done.


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