Hard to get to but worth the reward, Bodie Ghost Town stuns the senses.

This is a re-blog from the Exploratorius site, but I can’t miss this opportunity to share his great photo and writing and some of my own.  I have pics, but they don’t have nearly the power of just this one black and white masterpiece.  We’ve been to Bodie several times, and it’s either arid and cold or arid and hot.  Bodie is the largest Ghost Town in California and many would argue the entire Western portion of the US.  It’s rugged and hard to get to, inaccessible in the winter.  But it’s a fun drive up a long dirt road to get to it, there are few services available and fewer toilets.  However, once you’re there, it’s pretty amazing.  Here’s the two photos I’ve taken in the past I wanted to share:

Bodie Ore Mill
Bodie Stamp Mill used to process ore. Taken with Olympus Digital Camera


Red Light District
This field, looking north from the sign that marks it, was the Bodie Red Light District. There were tent encampments down muddy streets in this area, where hard-working miners could get “taken care of”- Olympus Digital Camera


Mitch Ziessler’s Photo and Story are below:

I’ve been interested in seeing Bodie, California, for decades… having heard about it for the first time when I was still in high school some forty years ago. Did it meet my expectations? Oh yes — very much so!

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