With great writing and good photographs, its really hard to believe this blog only has 8 followers, but I think that will change soon.  So refreshing to read about those who went off the “beaten path” so to speak to find their own slice of paradise.  I think a few of my readers will take a close look at this article to see if they’ve been here themselves.  Take a read, if you like, consider following Capt Morgan Out Island and continue to read about their adventures in the South Pacific. If you like my choice in re-bloging,,,stay with us by following, the adventure’s just starting.

We stumbled upon it, during the waning hours of a day sail between one Leeward Society Island and another. Instead of continuing to the pass we’d planned for entering Raiatea’s lagoon, we made the spot-decision to sail through another, more easily made on the point of sail we’d enjoyed all day. Our Morgan Out […]


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