When was the last time you opened something emailed to you from a blog you follow or in your WordPress reader and were really impressed?  When I opened this post, I was impressed.  Not only could I not put something together that looked this professional, I would have no idea where to find all these cool ideas for working a blog.  I could see that some of these were labors of love (not all of them come from WordPress or a professional site).  Other ideas in here really have some zing,,,and I’m trying some of those ideas myself.  When I have time to sit down and write on a particular day, I personally try to use the word of the day strategy from WordPress and I put the “postaweek” tag into most of my blogs,,,,just not sure if that works well or not.  Lindsay Nell just rebranded her blog from HomeHugs and Huskies to Lindsaylovinlife.wordpress.com.  She wrote this post that I’m reblogging, so give it a good read (I’ve read it twice) and if you like her stuff, make sure to check out her site- 

Blog challenges and daily prompts are a fun and easy way to populate your blog with content and connect with the broader blogging community. There are various challenges, some have begun already and others are yet to come. Here’s a list of my favourite blog challenges for you to participate in this year: WordPress Daily…

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