Lest you think that tomorrow’s post makes me sound bitter,,,,,I want to make sure you know how over it I am.  While the boat has been sitting at the dock at Shelter Island Boatyard, I’ve dealt with some folks who provided world-class service for a fraction of what you might think of for cost.  And,more often than not I learned all about my boat because they took the time to explain things.  Here’s a few of the pros I’ve worked with,,,,so if you’re in San Diego or need great service as you come through,,,look them up:

Quality Marine Services–  I met Alfredo as he was doing an inspection of the engine on my boat for me.  I’ve trusted him since to do my engine work when I can’t and am very impressed.

Fleming Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning–  Need something done on the West Coast with A/C or refrigeration on a boat?   Gary James came up to Oceanside and fixed my refrigeration and then last week they came out and diagnosed my boat A/C problem,,,,in about 40 seconds.  Yes, these services are not cheap, but worth it for a cold beer.

Closs Marine LLC– Ken Closs and his team are located inside the Shelter Island Boatyard and go above and beyond.  I’ve used his expertise several times,,,and only paid a small fraction of what it’s worth.

Yachtfinders/Windseakers–  Sure, this is the brokerage that has my boat for sale, but I’m telling you about their great service because of the small things that happen without me knowing and the extra time both my own broker and the brokerage have put into helping me and my family.  I know they are a business, but I’m still impressed by the care taken while I’ve worked with them.

Christian and Company Marine Surveyors–  Here’s my vote for a great surveying team.  I’ve met and worked with other surveyors,,,,and now I won’t work with anyone but Christian and Company.  However, to be on the fair side, they are pretty busy as a Company and they are pretty expensive, but they’ll go anywhere you need them and have surveyed most types of boats.  They are also one of the few Marine Surveyors in Southern California that’s accepted by Boat US.   Oh yeah,,,,did you know if you get Boat US insurance they ask you to use one of their preferred surveyors,,,,and have a list by region online?  Pretty interesting,,,,as I tend to believe they vetted their recommendations pretty well.  I’ve been through a number of survey’s with Christian and Company on my boat and others and am still impressed with their professionalism, focus and how easy they are to work with.  They don’t make me bitter!

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