This is a reblogged photo and story from the Exploratorius site, because Lord knows that I can’t take photographs that look this good. This is the same writer with a great looking sailboat for sale, take a look at this repost I did to get that story out, it’s below:

If you like his stuff, go explore his site and think about following him.  If you like our stuff,,,especially our photo taste,,,stay with us.  Not only do both him and I write about adventure travel and sailing,,,,we actually do it.


This. This is why I love black and white film. Last night I finally began souping all my monochrome images from our trip out to western Montana and southern California last fall, and this is the first shot that I scanned this morning. Except for cleaning up the usual little zits and pops that come […]

via Monochrome Sierras — Exploratorius

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