You might be wondering why I’m re-blogging this story, but I think it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate forward progress and pure triumph.  By buying this boat,,,,this is a step into the future that he’s always dreamed about.  And, this boat is more of a commitment to that dream than he know’s, because he’s paying for it now and has to continue to push in that direction.  I’m excited and happy to be able to follow his blog and celebrate the boat with him.  Take a look at this post.  If you like this writing, why not follow his blog, he’s got great photos and now has a great boat!!

This is Upper Range Pond in Poland Maine. I took this picture this morning on my way down to Cumberland Center to look at a boat for sale. I wanted to sit in a 30 foot sailboat to see if it “Felt Right” and was big enough for me. You can look at pictures all […]

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