Sure, with my wife moved out things have gotten a bit hectic, but it’s called parenting.  I’m ok with all that.

We’re slowly ticking off actions that must be accomplished in order to move toward the milestone of cruising as a family, here’s what I think some of them are:

Milestone: Cruising as a Family on our own Sailboat-

Actions to Reach Milestone:

  1. We will wait until my wife retires to leave to go cruising and we’ll follow her until then (no matter how long it is). 
  2. Approx 4-6 months before I retire, we’ll put the house up for sale and sell. 
  3. I’ll retire. 
  4. Once moved out of the house, the family will live on the boat. 
  5. Once the wife retires, we’ll leave to play pirates. 

Ok, I have no real idea if this whole perfect sequence will work or not, but I know we’re not going anywhere unless my wife is with us,,, and we’re flexible enough as a family to be able to make big bold decisions on our next move.

We’re going to hit the San Diego International Boat Show this weekend for Father’s Day.   I’ll do a good post all about it with pics of shiny new toys for boats.


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