This is a repost/reblog from the guy who writes the “Harsh Reality” Blog and often hosts blogging meet and greets that I’ve highlighted on here.  I’m pretty impressed with this post.  This spells the reality of blogging and I like his direct language,,,,it reminds me of how I talk in real life.  Funny, cause the Hard Reality Blogger has commented to ME that I have good manners, despite my bad language sometimes.  He’s got 55,000 followers,,,,something’s working good for him.  I’m gonna keep writing my way and about things I like to write about and we’ll see where that takes us.  Read on-

“I have a few questions for you! I have around 300 followers… how do I get to my goal of a million views?” Get more followers. You probably won’t reach 1 million views with only 300 readers unless they are 300 crazy stalkers. If you get 1 million views off that few people you may […]

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    1. Thanks, sorry this has taken so long,,,,not the same temps as Denver. My best friend lives there and he’s my first follower too- Glad it was ok to re-post the story, but it made sense and I liked it-

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