I had a longer, more in-depth post planned and written, but it’s hot as balls where I live. In fact, it’s so hot that at 939 pm as I write this, with full A/C on in my house,,,it’s still hot as balls and my computer and internet are barely hanging on in the heat.  No one really believes in “monsoon” season in the desert, but it’s here.  With clouds and high winds, you can’t run the “Swamp Coolers” because of the high humidity and are forced to run the A/C on a regular basis.  So,,,,,,climate change isn’t real and this extreme heat and sucky long ass monsoon season is just a thing,,,,I guess.  Or so the politicians tell us!

I took a week or so off from the blog because of literally not having time to write, but am working on my time management skills.  It’s hot, more once I find the motivation.  Stay with us,,,,we’re working on the blue water cruising dream still.

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