Me and Hot Wife attended a function at the Miramar O-Club, where they guard the Top Gun heritage and traditions of Miramar Air Station.

When the US Navy owned the Miramar Air Station, they ran the Naval Fighter Weapons School out of the base, called Top Gun to the rest of us.  Then that little movie came out in the 80’s that made most of us want to become fighter pilots.  Sometime in the early 90’s, the Navy transferred the base to the USMC and moved the Naval Fighter Weapons School to Fallon, Nevada.  But the Miramar O-Club has continued to guard the heritage and some of the history of the era, in one of the more exclusive smaller bars within.  + I believe the actual O-Club pool was featured in the movie, during the ending graduation scene around the pool deck outside the back of the club.  Although the Navy is long gone from the base, it’s still a USMC Air Station, where the Marine Corps keeps planes and helicopters of all sorts and maintains a very comprehensive museum of historical Marine Corps aircraft.  One of the highlights is Saddam Hussein’s actual real personal helicopter.   If you get a chance anyone can visit the museum and it’s a worthy thing to see.

Here’s some pics of the inner sanctum of the Miramar O-Club and some of the tradition within:

It was a fun night at a civilian retirement function at the club and great to see all this tradition from Miramar of the past.  What a great date night with grandparents babysitting and the kids safely on the boat.  Our boat is safe and perfect for kids and the family and all fixed up.


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