After a long day of working on the house Sunday, I was worn out.  Took the day off from working out on this Monday.


Feeling guilty for NOT working out Monday, I hit the gym hard Tuesday.

Started with 3 sets on the neck machine.  Did 3 sets of 15 regular squats and did 3 sets of front squats (very hurty).  Finished off the workout with 3 sets of light shoulder shrugs, done perfectly.


Since we’re working to get the house sold, I had to come home during my lunch break from work for a contractor to come fix the pool fence.  The Mastiff ate part of the pool fence several years ago and we’ve never fixed it.  The contractor arrived one hour late and instead of taking 20 minutes to fix the pool fence, he took over an hour.  Needless to say, I didn’t get in a workout at lunch.  Came home after work and continued repainting the pool deck.

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