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We started looking at boats even before we sold Tulum IV but I’ve done some work this week to look at boats that meet my mental calculations for what me and Hot Wife can handle (size-wise), what we can afford and what we can do the maintenance on while still enjoying the boat.  Remember, I like working on my boat,,,,cause it totally gives me satisfaction to see things fall in place and updates get done.  I’m a bit weird to like boat work,,,,but that’s ok.

 I know there’s no perfect sailboat,,,,,unless you have one designed and built custom and you have the money to pay for it.  There’s no perfect production sailboats!  Both me and Hotwife are flexible but are looking for a few things in a boat that will make it safe and fun for us as a family:

  1. Center Cockpit- we’re not overly hung up on this one, but it would be nice.
  2. Skeg Hung Rudder
  3. V-Berth with bunk beds for the kids or enough room so the kids have some of their own space.  I don’t evision a cruise of several years or more where the kids sleep in the same bed together for long without major strife.
  4. Enough room so that when we have guests,,,,they can be comfortable.
  5. A boat big enough to be seakindly and be able to cross an ocean if we make that decision.

I want to share these Yachtworld  links to boats I’ve got under consideration for your own reading pleasure, and I would love your feedback please.  Remember that they are not going to be sold for the same price as their offering on Yachtworld, cause we’re not rich:

  1. 1981 Peterson F46–  Does the “F” stand for Formosa, meaning it’s a knock-off and not a true Kelly Peterson? Probably- Might still consider this boat but need to find out what the tanks are like before driving up to see her-
  2. 1983 CT-49–  Looks like it’s in great shape, but no idea about the tanks, the decks or much else.  The front berth is not ideal and would have to be remodeled-
  3. 1977 CT-54–  This boat has my attention because it’s close enough we can drive to go look at it, looks well kept and has the berthing space we like.  But, I have no idea about its tanks or deck condition, both of which are major repair jobs.  Also, love the pirate ship stern berth, the cockpit and the cockpit table and the space on this one.  But, with its age would check the bones carefully, make sure some systems are updated and accept that we need to update others,,,,like rigging, chain, anchors and some of the wood work.  Hell,,,,,I like to sand and varnish,,,,don’t I?
  4. 1985 Tayana 55–  I already know this one has black iron fuel tanks, the front berths don’t suit the kids and would need remodel + it’s currently too expensive for us to afford.  But with a good offer and bit of work, this boat would be perfect for us.  She’s already been around the world several times, seems like good karma?
  5. 1976 Bruce Roberts–  This one might be a long shot for us.  No idea about the tanks or decks, and she’s been on the market for a while (like at least 3 years).  As the oldest boat on this list so far, I would need to make sure lots of systems were already updated or easily updated and she had good bones.  But,,,,she’s got the space we want and she seems to have legs,,,,already done a transpac.
click the links above, look them over,,,and give me your feedback please-

These are the 5 boats I’m heavily considering right now and already emailed my broker about.  Most of them are not in San Diego, so me and Hotwife will need to start road tripping again on weekends to check them out.  She’s not aware of these facts yet, but soon will be.  We had a short discussion today; I let her know I missed Tulum and was already jonesing for another boat.  We’re tightening the belt and working through our overall plan for world cruising domination! JK- wanted to see if you were still reading- Just for shits and giggles; here’s one that’s in our marina.  She’s salty and sweet looking but I’ve been told she’s a complete refit waiting to happen.  This is a good thing for someone, cause you should be able to get her for a great price.  Hmmm,,,,do I need a project?  Someone took great photos of her: 1973 John Alden Staysail Ketch

We’ve sold Tulum IV and we’re on the hunt for Tulum 5.  Stay with us while we find her, buy her, prep her for cruising and take off!

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