Yachtfinders/Windseakers suggests another possible sailboat for us to look at-

I’m happy that my broker is actively looking for boats that might meet some of our criteria for purchase; but wondering if this latest suggestion might be a bit old? Read on and make up your own mind: 

Last week our broker shot me a quick text to tell me to make sure I looked at the 51″ Aleutian Ketch on the Yachtfinders/Windseakers website,,,,as she was getting brought over to his brokerage slips and would be easy to look at.  He wanted to know if I was interested in looking at her, after I saw pics on his site?  I admitted I was intrigued, so I took at close look.

Here’s the site, 51 Aleutian Ketch,  this way you can check her out for yourselves.

The boat isn’t the perfect anything for everybody, but from the pics she looks like she’s been kept up and updated.  Not as much deck space as the 55″ Tayana we looked at but her tanks have been updated and she has nice newer looking B&G Electronics and I do like the second “owners” cockpit on the stern of this boat.  Not a perfect huge walk-in engine room like the Tayana either but I can get into this engine room from inside the boat, which means I don’t have to go outside to get into the engine room.  I like the robust stern windless.  I wish a dinghy and engine were listed in the spec sheet, but they’re not (although they appear in the pics).  From the pics, I can see that it looks like this boat has been kept up, the teak decks look ok and we’ll see about the rest.

Most frustrating is this: I do ALOT of research on boats I am potentially interested in on the internet to get to know the designer, builder and info on the boat.  My problem with this boat is that it’s getting a bit old,,,,and I can’t find info on the boat or the yard on the internet.  I’m betting not very many were built and they were constructed in either Taiwan or Canada.  I’ve only found pics of two other Aleutian’s out there and I can’t find any others for sale on Yachtworld,  meaning I can’t look at comparable prices to see where I think it should be for an offer.  This is a bit frustrating, but I’ll keep trying.

Saturday next I’ll go take a look at this boat and see what she’s all about.  I’ll snap some pics of pertinent details and make sure to put some of those on the site as I go.

Stick with us,,,,we’re still out there having family adventures-


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