Weekend excursions have yielded more and more info on the boat-

So we’ve moved and are toward the end of our house selling, I’m retiring  soon and we’re working on an aging sailboat…..

Because of my fondness for my wife (she lives 3 hours away but we’re NOT divorced) and the fact I want my kids to see their mom as often as feasible,,,,,and I love being on my boat (my wife lives on our sailboat); we journey down to see her more than she comes to the desert to see us.  I’m ok with this, it works fine for me and I get to be in San Diego on weekends, see my wife and see our boat.  When down on the boat, I usually have 2-3 very small things to get done or check out for future work, I can’t start big projects as I’ve not there yet, but July 16th will change that.  I’ve had a mechanic helping me with work on the generator and the engine oil leaks;  so this weekend we worked together on these projects.  After some preliminary work on the generator, we fired it up to see if he had cleared up the problems.  It ran fine for about two minutes then overheated again.  We shut it down, he’s going to check out a few more things (impellers).  We also found where the freshwater leak into the bilge was coming from (blackwater tank located in/under the engine room) and started tracing more of the engine oil leaks going into the bilge.  I can’t be there all week right now, but as soon as I retire I can be on the boat and start many of these projects myself, starting to tick them off my list slowly.  That will be the majic of retirement,,,,I’ll be around for my kids and be able to have time to work on the boat as needed.  I’m looking forward to starting to get those projects knocked out,,,as I’m fully convinced the engine and generator on my Aleutian 51 just needs some TLC.  So many other things to do that will quickly shine the boat up from where it is now to the gleaming Bluewater beauty that’s inside her, I’m really looking forward to seeing her fully ready for sea.

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      1. I understand! We’re looking T buying an older home and eeks!! I don’t know if we could ever get all that work it needs done! But, maybe we can. We’re kind of rebels. Ha ha. Moving is crazy.

      2. You can do it. We bought a 1985 Fannie Mae repo ranch style house and brought it up to what we just sold it at,,,,and if we can do it, you can do it.

      3. Wahooooooooo!!!!! Thank you for the boost of confidence!! The stories of this farmhouse and how it came to be, deserve a voice! Maybe we can pull it off!

  1. I’m with you brother, my hands reach beside yours in the search for the sea.

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