Wow, a Great Dane on a Sailboat,,,,we're gluttons for punishment.......& and Happy late Fathers Day!

What can I say, Father’s Day Weekend at the boat was a weekend of firsts: 

First weekend for Quincy the Great Dane to get on the boat and spend the night, first time she had seen or pee’ed on grass, first visit to dog beach on Fiesta Island in San Diego and first time she was bitten by another dog,,,,,so a busy weekend.  Add this with an evening of working on my studying for my PMP Certificate and I’m exhausted.  But,,,,I want to remember everyone out there who’s a Father or going to be one,,,,happy Father’s Day.

So, YEP, Quincy the Great Dane survived her first weekend on the boat and so did we.  We’ll do some more time for her on the boat this coming weekend and break her in as slowly as we can, but we gotta do it sometime.  And, after not getting on the boat for several weeks, I was reminded of the magnitude of projects I have when I get on her permanently in mid-July,,,,I can’t wait-

Nope, the Great Dane is not some gimmick for the blog or website, she’s our family member and she’s going cruising with us when we leave.

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