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Following the story I read from the Cannons to Cruising Website and Blog about a product called dri-dek, I was interested and did some of my own research online about the product, finding multiple ways I could use it on a sailboat.  So I decided to follow the Cannons to Cruising advice and test the product under one of our sailboat’s mattresses (mine), just to see how things would hold up and whether we noticed any difference.  Dri-Dek is available from a variety of online and actual stores, like Amazon or West Marine.  If you want to check it out on Amazon, here’s the direct link: Dri-Dek at Amazon.  But, on this day I wasn’t that patient, so I took myself and the minions to West Marine here in town and priced the Dri-Dek, which was just a little bit more expensive than Amazon,,,,and I could have it on the same day.  Patience is NOT one of my strengths.  Here’s what it looked like the other day, piled on the deck:

Another project, waiting to happen.

So after the electrician left and my motivation returned, I enlisted some help from each of the kids to keep the mattress rolled up, while I experimented with the Dry-Dek.  YES, it’s really simple and it really goes together pretty quickly.  I did do some simple cuts of the product with table scissors and it cut really well, really fast.  There was no problems sticking the pieces together either, they snapped right into place.  If an idiot like me to knock it out in less than 20 minutes with little help,,,you can do it too.  Aside from putting it under mattresses, I recommend the product for flat surfaces where you need traction or inside wet lockers and such.  It seems to be an easy product to use, but I’ll report back on it in several months after we get through August on the boat and see if there’s any relief from the heat with these tiles below the mattress.

Here was the first part of the project, with 8-year old advising me:

Second part of the project, with 6-year old advising me:

Make sure to check out the original story from Cannons to Cruising, here’s the link:

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  1. So glad you tried it out!! Conor told me to tell you that West Marine price matches Amazon prices 🙂
    I hope you notice a difference with the Dri-dek, we definitely do! Thanks for the shout out.

    1. This smaller blog and website thing works better for us smaller sailing and cruising bloggers if we support and help promote each other. I’ve added you guys to my links and will continue to read your posts.

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