Contemplating the current state of personal technology from an older cruising boat-

It’s early Saturday morning and I have the boat to myself for the most part.  Of course,,,,the 6-year old has been awake for hours and I had to get up at the usual time to feed the dog and take her on her short deck-walk,,,as there’s really no getting out of it with a Great Dane nuzzling you,,,(as she stands taller than your bed).  But it’s still the quiet of the morning at the marina and there’s June gloom here at the end of the July, normal weather for us.  It will burn off by mid-morning.  Wednesday we took the crew to look at drones in stores around my area.  Then yesterday I was struck by both retirement and my complete lack of technological know-how as I researched drones online.  I had already reached out to a fellow blogger and friend at JDR: Into the Mystic and I did some hunting around on the uber-popular S/V Delos website, looking for advice and folks with experience to narrow down my drone search.  I came away a bit more overwhelmed,,,,cause now I’m gonna need to learn to edit, work on sound, find music that won’t get me sued and perhaps get a gimbaling camera mount.  WOW.  And now that I actually have a bit more time in retirement, I’m finding all the stuff that I should already know about,,,like the photo editing power of my MacBook Pro.   Yep, should have been doing this all along but just now have to refine those skills.  I’m feeling old and antiquated not knowing all these things existed.  My photos and skills pale in comparison to other bloggers and photographers out there that I follow,,,,,go take a look at some of JDR’s photos taken camping or from his truck and you’ll see mastery of techniques that I’m working hard to get right eventually.

As I look around at the true older retirees on boats around us,,,,I’m not in the same place as them.  I’m truly not a good dock sailor and although the boat is currently our beachfront condo, it’s never been our plan to stay on the docks forever or ride the docks throughout our time cruising.  I want to anchor out and find self-sufficiency, learn to put out higher quality posts, photos and eventually video logs (vlogs).  I’ll also be hitting my stride on boat repair, improvement and maintenance as soon as the kids go back to school and I don’t have to full-time parent,,,,ie: I’ll have the time to get some work done.

We are LF2SF, stick with us and tell your friends to follow us!!!

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