Great travel post with great pictures and a story line to think about-

A re-blogged story for sure from here on WordPress, but something I feel strongly about sharing,,,,check it out as well as the rest of my rambling:

I felt strongly about sharing this story because the authors based themselves in Merida (which I went to as a kid) and my family spent three full summers camping on the beach in Tulum in the 70’s before there was ever a thought of a super-resort or the Maya Riviera.  It’s painful now to think through some of the folks who were probably removed to make room for those resorts, but it’s in the name of progress?   From Tulum, we visited sites like Tekal, Chichen Itxa and Pelinque.  Check out Star Wars,,,you’ll see the tops of several of the larger pyramids over the jungle.   This stage in life had such an impact that all of our family’s boat’s have been named “Tulum”.

This story has great photos and a storyline that probably hits the truth of that society’s decline perfectly, don’t miss it.  And, if you get a chance, make sure to check out the Gallivance website right here on WordPress.

via Uxmal: A Window Into The Maya

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  1. Thanks so much for reblogging our post. Uxmal is a very special place and we appreciate your help getting the word out to a wider audience. I can imagine that summers in Tulum must have made quite an impression. It addition to being a fabulous, mind-opening exprience, it must have been great fun as a kid.

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